Mexico Becoming World Leader in the Sector of Car Manufacturing

Mexico is becoming a leader in car manufacturing as it now having a very huge production base. According to Dow Jones News many car manufacturing brands are investing huge money for Mexico manufacturing facilities development. Manufacturing in Mexico has been increased up to 14% with production of 1.23 million units for 2011.

For the first half, Mexico reached its out put target and reached second quarter targets also. According to Torque news source, Nissan motor manufacturing company is investing huge amount for its plant development in Mexico. Nissan is the fast growing brand in the US, it has invested 1.05 billion dollars for Mexico’s Aguascalientes plant which produced more than a half million vehicles for 2011. They have plan to increase their production up to 20%. Nissan is the second largest car manufacturing company in Mexico after the GM.

Volkswagen is also investing huge money for developing its plants in Mexico, they plan to invest 400million dollars for Mexico plants developments. They are recruiting 2,000 Mexicans for their plants. They planned to produce 100,00 Beetles for next year. Volkswagen is exporting 90% of its products from Mexico facilities only.

Honda motors is also focusing on improving its production capacities in Mexico. According to the data, Honda is investing nearly 8million dollars for their new plant in Mexico at Guanajuato. They are offering 3,200 jobs for the people centrally. Honda is starting their new plant with objectives of cutting down the high prices and reaching its market demand. Honda planned to open new plant in Mexico in 2014 which has the capacity to produce 200,000 vehicles for year. According to the MAIA (Mexican Automobile Industry Association), Mexico plants are producing outputs to reach its exporting targets and it will be increased with time.