Types of Silks Used in Fabric Making

Silk is one of the popular varieties of fabric which is used all over the world. Silk is very gentle to touch. Since it is made up of the finest fibers the smoothness of the cloth increases with the increased quality of the fiber. Since it is made up of protein fiber it is similar to wool or human hair. Here is the list of different types of silks available.

Chiffon silk: Chiffon is a light weight fabric, used for manufacturing various apparels. The twist in the yarn puckers the fabric slightly in both directions and gives it some stretch and slightly rough texture. It is almost seen through fabric and requires some backing while using for clothing.

Crepe de Chine: This is also one of the light weight silks and in this the fabric is woven by twisting the fibers in clockwise and anti clock wise directions alternatively. The fabric has a pebbly look and do not posses the shiny texture. Interestingly, both sides of this fabric looks alike and there is no wrong side for using the fabric.

Satin Silk: Satin is another kind of fabric which is bright. Many people think that silk and satin are one and the same. But they are not. Silk is made of the fibers from the cocoons of the moth, while satin is weaved from silk fibers. Many artificial silk fibers are now used to make some satin fabric and these are less expensive than the original satin variety.

Jacquard: This variety of silk is of heavy weight and the yarns are also densely weaved. Various jacquard patterns are made using reflective threads to create a light and dark affect. The most familiar pattens in jacquard are the florals and the paisleys.

Tussah Silk: This silk is an unique variety which is made from the cocoons of the wild moths which feed on the oak and the juniper leaves. This fabric is difficult to die and is available mostly in its natural color of creamy tan. It is wrinkle free and needs to be dry cleaned.

These are few varieties of silks. Apart from these there are many other varieties like the noil, raw silk, shantung, douppioni, charmeuse,china silk etc.