Number of Mobile Display Advertisers in US More Than Doubled Since 2008

The mode of advertising spread to the mobile phones has been attracting a large number of customers. A Comscore study stated that the number of mobile advertisers in US is more than doubled since 2008. With the arrival of new advertisers, the mobile advertising has been gaining importance.

It was found that in April 2011, mobile display advertising campaigns were used by 689 advertisers. This was up by 128 percent since 2008 and reflected the growth of using mobile channels for advertisers. This data was as per the Comscore Ad Metrix Mobile based on the mobile display advertising across more than 600 of the top websites and sub-sites on the mobile Internet.

Various categories like mobile content and publishing, consumer discretionary, financials, telecommunication services, information technology, consumer staples, industrials and others have been included in the mobile display advertising. Among them, mobile content and publishing accounted for 50% of the mobile ads. Consumer discretionary (26%), information technology (7%), financials (6%), telecommunication services (5%), consumer staples (3%) and industrials (2%) followed mobile content and publishing services.

Mobile ad exposure and mobile media usage shows differences between feature phone users and smartphone users. About 82.3 percent of the smartphone users accessed their mobile browser and 85% of the smartphone users accessed applications during March 2011. However, only 19.1 percent of featured phone users accessed mobile browser and 15.9 percent of them accessed applications. This data was as per the comScore MobiLens which included data gathered from total US mobile subscribers aged above 13. Mobile advertisers were found to be interested to attract customers through a variety of platforms including mobile browsers, apps and SMS. Adoption of smartphones, 3G or 4G networks and unlimited data plans considered to increase the usage of mobile media for advertisers.