Audi India Plans to Expand Car Business

Audi is the one of top premium brand in India. Audi India had 10-20 percent of their new car sales. Audi is coming up with new brands in this year. They are Audi A6, Audi INR and two more new brands. The new brands are available at all the existing 13 outlets across India. The assembling process is being done at its Aurangabad facility. The cars comes with 21 kmpl mileage.

The officials from Audi have said that, they have plans to extend their showroom facilities from 13 to 18 by the end of 2011. Audi is planning to establish new showroom outlets at Indore, Lucknow and Coimbatore. This requires 600 more work force in three different levels. Levels are corporate, production and dealership. Further, Audi is also planning to double their production for 2013.

Audi planned to invest 30 million Euros for extending their facilities. According to the sales report Audi’s 2011 sales target is 5,000 vehicles, it has already reached 2010 sales target of 3,003 vehicles. As per the sales data Audi motors recorded their first half sales for 2011 which is 3145 units and they have to sell more 1,626 for second half.