Sales Performance of Automobiles in First Half of 2011 in US

In the 12 months, the U.S. auto sales in the month of June were very slow. This was because of the decrease in supply of small-car supply. The Toyota Motor Corp.’s inventory was reduced and the demand from consumers also decreased due to recession. Sales of GM Co. and Fords Motor Co. rose 10 percent in June. Toyota and Honda Motor Co. deliveries each fell 21 percent. Nissan Motor Co. reported a 11 percent gain, while Chrysler Group LLC sales topped forecasts.

Industry’s light vehicles sales slow down to an 11.5 million seasonally adjusted annual rate. Small car purchases have decreased due to supply constraints hurting all automobiles.

GM, Ford and Chrysler had combined market share of 50.1 percent last month. This is the first time the U.S.-based companies rose above 50 percent since August 2009. Sales declines for Toyota and Honda decreased the market share for Asia-based car makers’ to 39.9 percent from 44.8 percent a year ago.

U.S. sales performance of selected auto manufacturers till June was announced on July,1st 2011. The report included the following points.

  • GM total sales in June were 215,358 units, which showed an increase of 11%
  • Ford’s total sales in June 194,114 units, sales increased percentage is 14%
  • Chrysler Group LLC total sales were 120,394 with 13% increase
  • Hyundai Motor total sales were 59,209 with 16% increase
  • Volkswagen sales were 28,444 with 35.1% increase
  • The BMW Group in the U.S. sales were 26,865 with 15.1% increase
  • Kia Motors America’s sales were 140,330 with 41.2 % increase.