Mobile Web Experience Frustrates Heaviest User: eMarketer

website monitoring serviceMobile Internet users are increasing every day. While using mobile web browser many users are experiencing problems in loading of page, error in the network, etc.

Most of the US mobile users use Internet on their mobile phone, while they are on the move. With the rise of smart phones, the mobile Internet is becoming a powerful tool for US consumers.

According to a June 2010 survey by Gomez, 33% of mobile Internet users say that formatting of the website becomes difficult to read and use, and more 29% of users complain about the slow loading of web page on the mobile. Many times user do not get the website, in this concern around 10% users said that mobile web was not available. And remaining 10-28% users say that the mobile web do not meet their needs. That means mobile web did not function as per their need.

site monitoringMany mobile users were reporting mostly the slower loading on the move. Downloading full web page and to see that page is very difficult on the mobile screen and unnecessary information is present on the search page.

As the smart phone features and mobile Internet is reaching more and more consumers, all levels of population are beginning to use Internet anywhere and at any given time, but the mobile web is still heaviest among the early users, males and younger adults. And many users who are addicted to the convenience of mobile Internet use are frustrated by the slower web pages on the move.

According to the research conducted by the YouGov on the behalf of the mobile solution provider Antenna software in the January 2011, 20% of US mobile users use mobile Internet in their daily life. In that many users are under 45, and men were 7% more likely to use mobile Internet than women every day. These two groups mostly complained about the size and speed of the mobile web, 44% men reported only one major problem that is the size of the web discourages them while using mobile web. And around 38% women complain the same problem. Some users said that the speed of the mobile web is the main problem while searching on web, in that 36% are men and 29% were women.