12,000 pounds of Pot Seized by Chicago Police

Chicago Authorities on 23rd August, Tuesday seized marijuana during a bust in Chicago’s West Side. They found nearly 6 tons of pot with the help of two Chicago police dogs. The drugs were packed in 25 pound bricks which were wrapped in layers using cellophane, aluminum and ball bearing grease. However, the dogs managed to detect this highly packed substance with their odor. The authorities revealed that 12,000 pounds of pot whose street value cost $33million was found in the bust.

Despite of the ban the authorities are able to chase millions worth marijuana almost every week. This shows the carelessness of drug traffickers towards the laws of the state. Besides this if the pot is not seized by the authorities it will definitely enter the market and makes the lives of many people awful.

Many people, still knowing the fact that use of illegal drugs cause severe health problems may tend to do the same for small pleasures in life. Mainly these drug traffickers and possessors are not bothered about how much harm they are causing the society and how many people are affected by their illegal businesses.

Once this drug trafficking and possession will be controlled completely, then 75% of the problems related to the drugs will be solved.

Hence it is necessary to make the laws based on drug possession and trafficking even more strict to make the people stay away from these.