Toyota Car Sales Increased in January, 2012: US

Toyota motors in US reported positive sales for January month. Toyota sold 124,540 units to reported 7.5% of sales growth for January, Toyota motors picked up the speed of selling from fourth quarter of 2011 to 2012.

For January Toyota’s new Camry and Camry hybrid increased overall sales, Toyota division poster 1,12,266 units sales with 9.0% and Lexus division posted 12,274 unit sales to decrease 4.6%.

Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager Toyota motors inc. said new models Camry attracted the new consumers as well as loyal consumers with its class leading performance and value. He extended his speech as “We are focusing on introducing the best brands in Toyota brand which provides the aggressive performance in the market.”

Toyota passenger cars reported good sales growth; it sold 67,602 passenger cars with 20.1% growth. In passenger cars, the combined sales of Camry and Camry hybrid was 28,295 with 55.9% growth. Toyota Prius family models reported 11,555 units sales with 8.7% growth; Avalon models reported 3,219 unit sales with 79.3% and Corolla reported 17,988 unit sales for January.