Toyota Hybrid Sales in European Market: 400,000 Vehicles

In the world market the hybrid car performance is increasing. Toyota motors utilize the advantage to increase its hybrid car sales in European market. Toyota motors reported its hybrid car sales in European market to be 400,000 units for 2011.

Toyota hybrid car sales primarily came from Pruis and Auris models. Majority of the car sales came from Toyota’s Pruis, first generation Pruis cars which were introduced in 1999 and third generation Pruis cars were introduced in 2009. Toyota’s Auris model also got good sales performance in European market which was introduced in 2010.

Hybrid car sales in Europe was well but in US it did not reach the expectations, total sales of Hybrid cars in US was 150,000 units for 2011.

Mr. Michel Gardel, communication VP of Toyota Europe said, we are happy with reporting 400,000 hybrid car sales in European markets, in all capital auto markets in Europe we performed well. Our R&D facilities and logistic facilities encouraged us to hit our expectations.