US Auto Sales Showed 10% Sales Growth

September, 2011 auto sales in US recorded highest sales growth since April (when the Japan earth quake has impacted the inventory and the demand of car manufacturing). US auto market registered its sales for September, 2011 by selling 1.1 million units with 10% sales growth.

JD Power Associates and both forecast the September sales with 12.9 million units which is 7% more than previous month (August 2011) and which is 9% more than the last year sales (September, 2010).

US top car manufacturer, General Motors sales for September 2011 is 207,145 units which is more than the last year sales (173,031 units) with 19.7% sales growth. Ford motor manufacturers also increased its sales growth with 9.0%, it sold 174,860 units for September, 2011 which is more than last year sales (September, 2010 sales 160,375 units). Chrysler motors recorded it sales growth of 27.2% by selling 127,334 units sold. Hyundai motors America with 11.8% sales growth, Nissan motors America with 25.3% sales growth.

Luxury cars in US also have seen a rapid sales growth. Mercedes-Benz motors recorded its sales growth of 13.4% and sold 23,428 vehicles. Volkswagen of America recorded highest sales growth of 35.6% by selling 27,036 vehicles. BMW unit in North America has also increased its sales growth by 19.3%, which sold 21,750 vehicles.

Electric cars have also experienced sales growth in US market. Volvo cars sold 5,042 units which is more than last year sales during the same period (September, 2010 sales, 4,152 units) with the 21.4% sales growth.

Truck and SUVs helped for the positive sales growth, nearly 54% sales growth comes from these trucks and SUVs. Some major brands like Gm, Ford motors, Chrysler motors, etc., sold their vehicles under SUVs and truck categories. A shortage of vehicles boosted the trucks and SUVs sales. Except for few brands (Toyota US with – 17.5%, Honda America with – 8.0%) all had increased sales growth.