How Does Website Monitoring Software Works?

website monitoringWebsite monitoring refers to monitoring of sites which use HTTP or Https. For monitoring the performance of other server services like FTP, we have server monitors. Now let us discuss how monitoring works.

Through internet Monitoring firms do connect to the required websites at regular intervals and enables the server service via the internet. By verifying the correct operational service status, the contact list is notified. This will be notified again upon the resumption of services.

site monitoringWebsite Monitoring Software
To know the website performance, a software called website Monitoring Software is used and it provides awareness of a problem to the user by sending a notification via beep sound, email or run a specific program whenever the website can’t be accessed, is not available, has very slow response or is not into action due to error messages including (‘Host not found’, ‘Low bandwidth’, ‘Connection failed’, ‘Low connectivity network status’) etc.

To monitor the traffic of a website, a ‘website traffic monitoring utility’ is used in which it simply monitors and checks the status when the website is online,and when the website or system is out of action and ping status of any website or web server application on different internet services such as (HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and FTP) server communication protocol.