What are the Different Activities Managed by Facility Managers to Accomplish Proper Facilities in all Aspects

Facility management has gained huge importance for providing business support activities. Facility management services have become prominent for enhancing productivity and reducing the operational expenses, they are very important today and businesses survive with the help of these services.

The role of facility manager is to ensure a proper operation on all aspects of a building and maintain a facility properly which include a wide range of business functions such as safety and security, fire protection, maintenance of expense records, maintenance of furniture and other appliances, overall cleanliness of the organization, interior design (lighting system) and space utilization, maintenance systems including heating, ventilating, air conditioning, ground maintenance, etc.

The facility managers must ensure operations for security services such as providing CCTV cameras, 24/7 security personnel and so on. Fire safety systems include fire extinguishers, smoke and heat detectors, fire alarm systems, etc.

An optimal, safe and cost effective environment can be accomplished for the occupants in a building by following, maintaining and supervision of proper operations on all aspects of a building by a facility manager.