New York Stock Exchange was Shut for Two Days for the First Time

The New York Stock Exchange for the first time was closed for two consecutive days due to weather reasons – hurricane Sandy. The NYSE was last closed for two days more than a century (124 years) ago in the year 1888, due to massive snow storm. The NYSE also remained closed for three consecutive days on September 11, 2001, due to terrorists attacks, it was an unscheduled closure of the exchange.

The NYSE did not have any power and generators for back up, it was forced to close due to the devastating situation. Many companies who had put in their hard earnings in the NYSE will likely face loss of revenue, because of its closure for two days due to hurricane Sandy. Trading was put on hold at the New York Stock Exchange.

Luckily, the NYSE building did not have any damage or flooding. It was safe by not getting flooded by the hurricane storm Sandy. All its systems were safe, giving the traders a sigh of relief. The NYSE promises to get back to normalcy and start its trading and business by putting in all its efforts.