Sandy Causes Billions of Dollars Damage

The hurricane Sandy which was one of the most devastating storms in the US history has ended up causing multi-billion dollar damage and loss of revenue to many businesses. It is estimated that more than $US50 billion were lost in overall damages to US. It may take some time for businesses to overcome the situation and get back to its work. But, people out there have a fighting spirit, its like do or die situation for them.

Damages the natural disaster caused amount to billions of dollars including homes destroyed, outage of power, shortage of fuel, streets and roads badly damaged, offices remained closed and public transport suspended. These damages have resulted in billions of dollars.

To restore the rail transportation systems, subways, roads and tunnels may take some time, which was badly destroyed due to the hurricane storm. The rescue work to build them is in progress.

The hurricane storm caused the government to lose billions of dollars in income and sales taxes. The storm has left many businesses closed, due to lack of power; they are unable to operate.

The devastating storm affected the small businesses most. Many small business owners were shattered and were unable to cope with the losses the hurricane caused.