Present Market for Enterprise Software (ES)

During the early 2000s, when enterprise software was new to the market, many organizations deployed Enterprise resource planning (ERP-II). Small and medium scale businesses felt that Enterprise software (ES) was expensive and not affordable. Hence, only public sectors and most of the large organizations adopted ES. Let us see the present market of the Enterprise software.

Enterprise software (ES) slowly gained its reputation. It became popular because of its functionality which covers all areas of the business. This made many organizations even small and middle scale businesses to have the enterprise software for their businesses.

Fluctuations in enterprise software market
The market of the enterprise software was at its peak during the period between 1990 and 2000. Then the graph of the revenue went down in the early years of 2000. Although it regained its value in 2004, it was not as high as it was during its early stages (1990 to 2000).

Top three enterprise software companies in the world
Software companies who are into the business of enterprise software started making lot of revenue and profits. According to Gartner firm survey the top three leading companies in enterprise software business in 2010:

Microsoft with $54,711 million tops the list.

Second is the IBM with $25,436million on enterprise soft wares.

ORACLE was the third company among the top three with $23,918 million total revenue.

Present enterprise software market
According to Gartner Inc, the revenue of the enterprise software market has grown rapidly in 2010 and 2011 after a downfall in 2009. The world’s enterprise market revenue in 2010 is $244 billion and this has increased 9.5 % in 2011 makes a total revenue of $267 billion.

In America, the revenue of Enterprise software market in 2010 is $112.9 billion. In 2011, the revenue increased to $121.2 billion, showing decent growth in the market.

Ms Correia’s statement on USA enterprise software market
Ms. Correia said. “We have identified a strong correlation between GDP growth and enterprise software spending growth, where software tends to grow 4 to 6 percent above GDP in normal market conditions. However, we do have concerns about the rising cost of commodities, including oil, and its impact on certain regional and country economies.”

Present developments of enterprise software
The leading companies that are developers of enterprise software are planning to launch the enterprise software on cloud. This is the new move planning by the companies although there is a mixed talk about this idea. It is the news in the recent times that Microsoft is planning to launch and deploy its enterprise software platforms on cloud.

It has also become crucial to the organizations nowadays to have enterprise social networking integrated with the enterprise software. This encourages the sharing of ideas and information among the business people, partners and market the new products and services to the public. This idea would turn out to be a big success if it is precised to the target audience.

From these statistics it is clear that the businesses are understanding the benefits provided by installing the enterprise software and opting it for their businesses.