Internet Marketing and Different Types of Internet Advertisements

AdserverEarlier, Internet marketing had limited scope, it was only restricted to email marketing and search engine optimization, but today the scope is very broad, Internet marketing offers many strategies such as display advertising, social media, content marketing, PPC, etc. for businesses to leverage them and get noticed in the World Wide Web.

The method of promoting products and services of a company and communicating with the customers about the changes in the existing products or services online is called “Internet advertising”. It is also called “online marketing”, “internet marketing” or “e-marketing”.

There are different ways in which products/services can be advertised on the Internet. They are as follows:

Display advertising
Advertising a product or service by displaying ads on other websites or blogs is called display advertising. It is also called banner ads. Advertisers need to pay to the website if they host the display. Display advertising is seen in many websites these days. The link present on the banner, directs the user to the company’s website. In this way users are guided to the company’s website and they get to know about the company. .

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is the process of making the website visible in the search engine result pages when there is a related search. The main aim of optimization is to get a good number of potential visitors to the website and also to rank well in search engines. This can be achieved by applying some methodologies, strategies and techniques. SEO can be done effectively by a professional SEO company or by the company itself by making use of free optimizing tools.

Email marketing
In this type of Internet marketing, the information about the product/service and the company’s details is sent to the customer directly in the form of email. This is easy, cheap and quickest way to promote a business. But the company should have the email ids of the customers. This can be attained by referring to the old customers record or collecting it from the third parties.

Video marketing
This is a very popular type of Internet marketing. In this type of advertising, a video is created and posted on various websites to attract users. The video conveys all the information about the product and the company. This gives the user a clear understanding about the product and the company. It encourages the user to buy the product.

Social media marketing
This is the present trend that is going around in Internet marketing. The products /services are advertised on the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. This is an efficient way of advertising to a group of targeted audiences and being shared and it will likely attract more customers to your business.

Content marketing
The method of creating content like blogs, articles and press releases and posting it on a regular basis on the website is called content marketing. The content should be relevant, original and informative to attract customer and drive sales.

Affiliate marketing
In affiliate marketing one customer brings another customer or group of customers, and then he gets another customer and so on. For this, the first customer will be rewarded. This is quite expensive and not helpful in all cases. The customers have to sign up or register with the website to be part of the chain.

These are the different types of Internet marketing strategies that helps businesses improve their visibility, relevance, traffic, lead quality and sales.