Recent Trends in Car Technology

You may think that automatically or self-driving cars for the future. However, those are now ready to hit the market very soon. The consumer electronics show (CES) 2013 held in Las Vegas showed that many of the parts are already in place. The CES 2013 displayed many other car technologies like speech recognition, diagnostics from data gathering, tracking etc. by different companies. Electronics companies and manufacturers are finding more ways to bring safely the apps and content from smartphones into cars to display them on those vehicle screens. The features like Google maps, Wi-Fi hotspots are even providing in non-high end cars.

  • Data leveraging from vehicle: The modern computers for a vehicle are the capable of monitoring all types of important data. Delphi created a small plastic device for vehicle diagnostics. It just needs to plugs into the port of onboard diagnostic in any of 1996 or newer vehicle. To connect with the device, once it plugged, you need to download an app into your tablet or smartphone. It will help you set geo fences alerts to get the alert when your car is going out of that area, ability to unlock your car remotely, and vehicle’s health reports. To transmit the data it uses wireless technology, so need to get the subscription. The UVO system in the Kia Sorento can give the access to the owners vehicle health reports, schedule the service appointment and provide the vehicle history. If the roadside assistance is needed for the vehicle, it provides the facility to call from inside.
  • Automated driving: Lexus and Audi introduced the latest developments in self-driving as in a way of assist the drivers than the replacing them completely and it helps for safer driving. The Audi’s technology helps the driver in stop and go city traffic. If the driver is watching a movie on the screen and the traffic is clear or the speed is higher than the thirty-six miles per hour, the movie is automatically pausing. Lexus way is different form Audi. It works through the camera scan of surroundings. For example when the scan detects the red light, it alerts the driver to inside the cabin.
  • Smartphone applications: Almost every automaker is doing the smartphone app integration for the vehicles. Some are already have one or more apps. The most basic apps are weather reports, sports scores and music streaming. Chevrolet and Ford are announced that the software development kits are available for all to download, it is in order to expand the number of apps.
  • Speech and voice recognition: It is difficult with car’s voice recognition system. The driver must have to give some commands exactly. Remember and pronunciation of those commands exactly is difficult. Automakers are also concentrating on these issues to make them better.

The technology helps us to get more safer and comfortable journey to the destination. Most of the technologies developing by the automakers in these days are electrical based and automated. Therefore, the pressure on the driver is reducing.