Types of Cars Based on Special Classification

Cars classification is based on different purposes and requirements. The classification differs form organization to organization. Governments classification is for the tax, insurance companies classification is to cover risk and manufacturers classification is for the consumer. This article is about the types of cars based on special classification.

  • Luxury cars: Luxury vehicles will have a lot of space which is very comfortable for a family of four members to travel. They have better performance, more precise construction, higher quality equipment, high end design, innovative and modern technology. Luxury cars can be made of any size. Generally they come under mid-sized or full-sized cars. These cars are expensive when compared to other cars.
  • Sports cars: The term ‘sports car’ evolved after the first world war. They are designed for high maneuverability and speed. Sports cars are priced higher than the average cars. Generally these cars are designated with two seats and two doors.
  • Micro cars: Micro cars are typically classified as compact cars. These vehicles generally have two seats, one is the driver and the other is the passenger. Some of these cars are one wheel drive. Some of the more recent model micro cars are called as bubble cars, because of its bubble shape. They are very small in size and less in weight.
  • Convertibles: Convertibles are generally mid or full-sized vehicles available in different automobile body styles. These cars have retractable or detachable roofs. There are different types of roof models available. Some of them are automatic or electrical and some are manual roofs. They are also called as rag top, drop top, cabriolet, coupe, road star, cabrio, etc.
  • Hybrid cars: Hybrid vehicles have two or more different types of engines. These cars run with two or more power distinct sources. They generally use electricity or hydrogen or standard gasoline or run. The hybrid vehicles are available from bicycle type to motor cycle to large transport vehicles, and trains also. Most hybrid cars are mini or compact sized cars. A few manufacturers are creating mid-sized hybrids.

A few manufactures are creating mid-sized hybrid vehicles. The hybrid vehicles are most commonly referred as hybrid electric vehicles. They are a combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor.

The cost of the car, comfort, performance, energy usage, technology, safety, etc., are different from each category. These cars can have the facility to include from one category to another category. For example, a luxury category car can be a hybrid car, a convertible car can have luxurious facilities.