Latest Developments in Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps people improve their looks by enhancing the smile in different ways, which was not possible before. Enhancing the smile can have positive effect on overall appearance of the individual. With advancements in dental surgery, cosmetic procedures range from teeth whitening treatments to replacing missing teeth. In this article, we will discuss the advanced techniques and surgeries in cosmetic dentistry.

Latest techniques in cosmetic dental surgery

Some new developments in cosmetic dentistry include the following.
Gum sculpting/gum grafting
Gum grafting has improved the way cosmetologist reconstructs or reshapes the patient’s smile. If the patient’s teeth are perfectly straight, healthy and fine, some unevenness in the gums can give an appearance of ugly smile. Instead of using a scalpel for removing or grafting gum tissues, cosmetic dental professionals are now using lasers for performing this procedure.

Dental implants
Dental implants are permanently placed artificial teeth similar to natural teeth. Over past few years, dental implants procedures have improved a lot, and thus offer a patient the ability to get their smile back and use their teeth with confidence.

Sedative techniques
Latest advancements in sedation techniques made patients relaxed and comfortable in visiting the dentist. In dentistry, various sedative options are available. These include oral sedative, intravenous sedation (IV), intramuscular and inhalation sedation.

Advancements in cosmetic surgeries
Dental professionals are now making use of advanced surgeries to provide people with beautiful smile. Better techniques in cosmetic dentistry now result in more improved, accessible and desirable treatments with a few sittings. This article contains information on advancements in cosmetic surgery.

Robotic surgery
Robotic dentistry was being discussed by experts over the past many years. It was difficult for combining robotics in dental surgeries. For this kind of surgery, patients have to undergo general anesthesia. In most oral surgeries, patients are awake as they are administered local anesthesia, but this kind of surgeries requires a sort of stillness that is not possible under local anesthesia.

With technological advancements, cosmetologists are now making use of robotic surgeries. Both dental professionals and patients now can benefit from robotic surgeries. This is because robotic allows a dentist for accomplishing the crown treatment in just a single sitting and therefore faster than other methods do. In this process, crowns are created using high tech computer aided design, digital imaging techniques and by using robotic arms. Thus, crown can be created on the site with high perfection. This helps eliminate the need of taking impressions. The use of this technology is in its initial stage and is not widely used, but will soon be available widely by cosmetic dental surgeons.

Cloning surgery
Over the past few years, scientists are striving for re-growing lost tooth/teeth. Cloning surgery is the healthiest and simplest way and is an alternative to dental caps, dentures and dental implants. This technique is similar to ‘planting a seed’ in a tooth socket from the DNA of the patient for growing a new tooth. Researchers need to accomplish how perfectly this surgery will be possible in human beings.

Laser surgery
Laser is widely used by dental professionals in many surgeries, especially for sculpting or grafting patients teeth. If a patient’s teeth look to be very smaller, there is a need for performing gum surgery, as in many cases, teeth are not actually small but due to abundance in gum tissues that grows over the teeth. Today, dental professionals use laser in the surgery for knowing the correct proportion of teeth. As with laser technology, there is less bleeding, pain and healing time. Use of lasers allows the dentists to persuade gum in a safe situation. As with the use of lasers in the surgeries widely, reshaping gums has become easier and more efficient.