Modern Technology in Today’s Vehicles

Like today’s vehicles, vehicles in the past had features that told how good the vehicle was for the user. However, they were less accurate and consumed considerable power in their operation. Today’s vehicles feature sensors and transducers. Be it the reservoir, any fluid tank, heat specifications or deflated tires, there is a sensor or transducer placed to monitor their conditions. Thanks to the development in the electronics industry. As a result, we have today vehicle parameter monitoring systems that can self diagnose and offer better insights to the occupant. This article discusses these features.

Benefits of modern technology
Along with the accuracy of the detection of the problem, there were some areas that were not included in the diagnostic scheme of vehicles in the past. Such systems are known for reliability, accuracy and low power consumption. The conventional automobiles were able to detect the problems and status efficiently but they were not very effective in communicating the same with the occupant of the vehicle.

With the LCD screens, buzzers and augmented reality windscreens, the driver can detect a problem in due time and more effectively so that the driver could take immediately. The systems can also suggest the driver corrective steps to take.

Today’s vehicles come with the benefits of improved sensors for accurate and reliable operations. They can also offer predictive judgments that help the driver plan the course of his/her commutation.

The high end GPS technology and radar systems can tell the location of the vehicle and calculate clearances from the obstacles and do effective parking. The list is long and exhaustive but few cutting edge technologies will be discussed here.

Different technologies in cars

Tire monitoring systems
Tire monitoring systems can monitor the pressure levels of the different tires in an automobile can communicate the same to the driver on his dashboard or augmented reality windscreens. It can precisely tell the required pressure levels and the current pressure level, the time up to which they can withstand and also the tire that is low on pressure.

Reservoir monitoring systems
Reservoir monitoring systems can keep a track check of different fluid reservoirs. These can be brake oils, engine oils, transmission fluids or fuel reservoirs. The required oil levels, the present oil levels and the dangerously low oil levels will be intimated to the driver on the dashboard or the windscreen with the help of these sensors and these will be accompanied with a critical alarm in case of dangerously low levels.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality dashboards and windscreens have overcome the problem of intimating the threat to the driver. Initially the systems were not able to draw due attention of the driver leading to mishaps. The AR technology will project the information right in front of the driver on dashboard or windscreen with buzzers.

Brake pad sensors
Brake pad sensors can sense the condition of the brake pads when they are degraded to unacceptable levels before they start making unpleasant sounds and communicate the problem to the driver before the brakes give up suddenly in middle of somewhere and lead to a mishap.

Filter or crud sensors
Filter or crud sensors can look after the hygienic conditions of the filter and monitor the crud levels that are accumulated on the filters and tells the driver when the filters need replacement.

Self regulating air conditioning systems
Self regulating air conditioning systems employ various sensors to detect humidity and temperature level inside the vehicle and regulate them continuously so that the occupants do not feel uncomfortable and it can also take care of misty windscreens by circulation of air.

Gas cap notifiers
Gas cap notifiers will indicate the caps are loosely locked and need to be tighteed gas caps. This may seem little problem but can lead to loss of fuel and money and can also be very problematic in case of foreign particles entering the reservoir.

Anti Lock tampering systems
Anti Lock tampering systems are put in place in cars. When someone tries to tamper with the locks with some force or other means it squeals in a loud noise and also intimates the same to the owner with the help of a SMS. The safety modules can be integrated with the GSM modules for this feature.

Edge over primitive vehicles
The new features integrated with cutting edge technologies has took the safety measures to a new level with effective communication to the driver. Augmented reality has played a crucial role in assuring this. Effective monitoring of a few parameters like engine oils and brake pads leads to economy in maintenance costs over long run. Not only the current status of the parameters can be communicated in an effective way but the systems are able to predict the performance and also give the threat perceptions associated with it.