About Sports Cars

A sports car belongs to a category of cars that are low to ground, less weight, and are high-powered. Looking at the specifications, one can easily say that this category of cars belong to a distinct and elite category of cars. Owing to the high speeds of the car, the handling is also equipped with high maneuverability and precise handling. Even though transport is of the least concern to sports cars, due to its performance and the care given for handling, they are easily the costliest cars in market..

The most successful sports cars in the market had been the ones with the front-engine, and rear wheel drive layout. This layout is crucially important for the performance of a car. But in case of weight distribution and handling other layouts are also sometimes used. For example, the RMR layout is also found in sports cars which has a center mounted chassis. Ferrari and Lambhorgini have preferred this layout in their cars.

Porsche is one of he manufactures who use a rear-wheel drive, rear-engine layout. The most known among their cars to use layout is the Porsche 911. A Porsche 911 provides excellent traction, but due to the concentration of weight at the back, it becomes prone to over steering in some conditions. To overcome this, Porsche has made other adjustments electronically, to readjust the shortcomings over the years.

Power-weight ratio:
The power to weight ratio is one of the most important factors involved in the manufacturing of sports engine. This is due to the fact that the heavier the vehicle the greater the power required to increase vehicle speed and acceleration. It is always good to keep the weight of the engine as low as possible. For this, aluminum alloys are used for cylinder heads.
The Turbo charging of the air intake is basically force-feeding the air in to the engine. By doing this, almost 50% more fuel can be injected into the engine which improves performance.

The Over-square engine:
An oversquare or shortstroke engine is an engine whose cylinders have a greater bore (width, diameter) than the length of the piston. This is a positive aspect, because a longer stroke means greater friction and a weaker crankshaft. An oversquare engine is generally more reliable, and can be run at a higher speed; however, with good technology the limitations of other engine regarding this, can be overcome.

Another important factor involved in performance is the bore size to the length of the piston stroke. An over square shorter stroke sports engine is more suited to a high power output engine, typical of that used in sports cars. A sports car has average speeds around 300 km/h. Some of the best performing sports cars in terms of speeds are given below.

Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupe VÄTH V63 – 208 mph
BMW M3 G-Power SK III Sporty Drive RS – 208 mph
BMW M3 G-Power M3 SK II – 206 mph
BMW 1M G-Power G1 V8 Hurricane RS – 205 mph