Advancement of Medical Technology

Medical technology plays an important role in human civilization. Advancement in medical technology reduces the mortality rates of patients. The advancement of medical technology includes the use of specialized techniques to improve patients health conditions.

Anti bleeding gels: Anti bleeding gels are gel like substance used to clot the blood immediately and seals the wound to prevent the loss of blood from body. When it is applied on the wound where bleeding takes place, it creates a synthetic frame work which mimics the extracellular matrix and makes the cells to grow in the body and there by clotting takes place and bleeding will be stopped.

i-Knives: i-knives is an advanced technique to olden knives. These knives makes the incision on tissue with electrical current. By this method loss of blood during incision is minimized. Then smoke released during incision is analyzed by using mass spectrophotometry to detect the presence of any harmful chemicals in the sample. By using i-knife in surgery reduces the length of surgery with minimal blood loss.

Sensor pill bottles: Most of the patients forget to take medicine this makes the decrease in the curing level of diseases. Sensor pill bottles which will come into existence in future. This bottle glows blue light when pill is taken and it shows red color light if you forget to take a pill.

Thin e-skin: Digestible and wearable sensors work like an e-skin. This when applied on the hand, it will measure all the health parameters like temperature recording, blood pressure and heart attacks and neurological disorders. This sends the alerts to the system and also calls to ambulance when emergency arises and sends all the related data for treatment.

Tooth embedded sensors: Tooth embedded sensors will help to record all the signs and symptoms of dental problems and jaw movements. If any abnormality takes place immediately it alerts the patient. It can recognize what you speak and eat. These are sensors that alert the patients.

Medical robots: In future medical robots will replace skilled surgeons to perform surgeries. These perform surgery accurately with less invasive method. Types of robots in medicine includes surgical robots, rehabilitation robots and bio robots. Surgical robots have wide scope in future.