Functions and Working of Ad Servers

Ad server is a useful software widely used in digital ads. These ads involve publishers, advertisers and marketers. They perform monitoring on aspects like the number of clicks, and verify results of the businesses. It is worthwhile to know how these ad servers work.

An ad server serves the purpose of publishing ads in targeted websites according to a predetermined time across geographical areas. Ad servers are widely used by ad networks, advertisers, and publishers.

Ad servers are used to post ads on websites. Ad servers make sure the ads are displayed where they are targeted as per audience, time and locality.

How an ad server works?
Ad serving is a technology that uses software to place ads on websites. It also involves serving ads, optimally target them and choose them according the place and web page.

Ad servers are responsible servers and decide what ads are to be displayed, which are to be tracked such as impression and clicks.

Technically speaking, the explanation goes thus: When a user visits a website, the site gets prompted to send a message to the browser. The browser in turn approaches the relevant server. The server furnishes ads as per request of the browser. The ads are sent to the browser that are displayed in the website. Now the user can get the display ads on the target page. This is how the ad servers work.

What an ad server does?

  • An ad server uploads ads as required. It also uploads rich-media. Rich media include interactive means of communication such as animation, audio, games, graphics, text, videos, etc.
  • Ad servers make sure the proper traffic of ads happens. This depends on the terms associated with business between the publisher, advertiser and the business owner.
  • Ad servers target ads depending on users or content. This is done based on the past browsing behavior of the user. The ad server sends relevant ads to the displayed page. Ads are also targeted according to the geographical location. The ads are programmed to be displayed on target web pages in a certain part of the globe.
  • Ad servers furnish the data on impressions, number of clicks, and the activities following clicks, how the interaction and its duration.

Ad servers are an important means of doing business for all those involved in digital advertising. With appropriate planning and managing the ads optimally get good results for ad server usage.