CEREC A Dental Restoration Technique with Natural Teeth Color

What is a CEREC and why is it necessary?
CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. This is one of the modern technological tools used in dentistry. CEREC is a dental restoration tool which is used to detect and restore the decayed teeth and also places dental crowns. This replaces the traditional amalgam fillings and or placing the porcelain veneers. It just required only one appointment.

Procedure of CEREC
The CEREC system consists of Acquisition unit, 3D software, CEREC milling unit and a 3D camera to detect the teeth shape.

At first you need to consult your dentist who can examine your teeth and starts preparations for the treatment. During this treatment the dentists will make the optical impressions of your teeth with the help of a special 3D camera. Now the image taken will be transferred to the computer. This will design your teeth using the CAD in natural teeth color with every detail and makes precise restoration. During this time, temporary restorations are attached to the teeth. After the dentist gets the prepared restorations s/he polishes and fit the crowns in the place where temporary crowns are placed.

You may have the question in your mind about the time required to perform this entire process. Don’t worry it takes not more than 2 hours. But before getting t he crown done you must have at least two visits to you dentist.

More benefits of CEREC over other treatments

  • This is not only for crowns it can also be used for inlays and outlays, veneers for chipped and dis-colored teeth, replacing old amalgam fillings etc.
  • It is healthier than other restorative techniques of teeth.
  • The teeth prepared using CEREC technique are in natural color and these are durable, safe and resistant to use.
  • With this you can save your teeth structure in only affected area of teeth.
  • The treatment is done in only one visit to your dentist.
  • You can avoid silver fillings now as CEREC is done.
  • Saves your valuable time.
  • These are permanent crowns to your teeth than the traditional crowns.
  • This crowns will range from 5-15 years with proper care.
  • As this teeth appears in natural color it doesn’t seem like the crowns placed on your teeth.

This is one of the most trusted method of restoration techniques used in most countries and also spreading through out the world. This latest technologies in dentistry helps the patients and the dentists a lot. This dental tools are a replacement to the traditional methods.