Major industries and Top Organizations in Canada

Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a gross domestic product of 1432,140 billion and ranked 14th world wide. The part of commodities mining is the most important due to its abundance of natural resources. Around 80% of the exploited resources are exported mostly to united states of America. It is also one of the largest exporters of agricultural products.

List of major industries

  • Agriculture:
    • Canada is the top suppliers of agricultural products because of its location and its crops export to the south end of America.
    • The agricultural sector of Canada is growing steadily every year fro about eight percent of the country’s total gross domestic product.
  • Energy:
    • Canada is a leading producer of energy resources due to its abundance in natural and oil gas.
    • It is a world leader in hydroelectric power with Saskatchewan, Quebec and Ontario where all of them using large amounts of hydro electric energy.
    • Canada’s energy products and oil exporting makes up to 2.9% of the total country’s gross domestic product.
    • The country also adopted wind and solar energy production as the immediate major industry in the energy sector.
  • Technology:
    • Technology industry is one among the strongest industries where it brings in up various new tech companies all over the world.
    • It currently prospers in various areas like digital media, e-commerce, wireless infrastructure and general internet services.
  • Services:
    • Three quarters of the entire country of Canada works on service sector forming 80% of Canada’s gross domestic product.
    • Various industries like business, educations, retail and health make up Canada’s economy.
    • Canada’s retail sector relating to the tourism industry accounts totally for 12% of the gross domestic product with steady increase.
  • Manufacturing:
    • Country’s manufacturing industries makes up to 14% of the total gross domestic product.
    • Production of automotive parts form the fastest developing manufacturing industries in Canada.

Top companies by industry

  • Transportation
    • Air Canada(De12), Revenue: $12,263,000
    • Canadian National Railway Co.(De12), Revenue: $10,235,000
  • Technology and wireless
    • Bombardier Inc.(De12)1,4, Revenue:(U.S.)$17,445,000
    • Research In Motion(Ma13)1, Revenue: (U.S.)$11,088,000
  • Oil & Gas
    • Suncor Energy(De12), Revenue: $38,788,000
    • Imperial Oil(De12), Revenue $31,189,000
  • Automotive
    • Magna International (De12)1, Revenue: (U.S.) $31,006,000
    • Honda Canada (Ma13), Revenue: $11,600,000

The above data give information regarding the various major industries present in Canada where its abundant natural resources, workforce, government incentives will make it to continue and proper in the coming years.