Critical Safety Technology for Vehicles

Automobile industry is coming up with new technologies to ensure safety, comfort and quality driving experience. Of these, safety is the most important criteria. Some of the safety applications are really helpful for today’s vehicles. To make people aware of them, we discuss safety apps and technologies that are being used in modern vehicles.

Driver Alertness Detection System (DADS)
The main motto behind the development of DAD system is to reduce the risk of accidents caused by fatigue and drowsiness of the drivers when driving. It is a cloud based service which monitors the driver’s state of alertness in real time. This system collects the data of the drivers by a certified camera. The camera here captures the image of the drivers and analyzes it using a software. When it detects that diver’s alertness is declining, audible and visual signals will warn the drivers for nearly 2 hours before he/she reaches the critical stage. This will help drivers in determining whether they are alert enough to drive or not, before they realize that situation is getting dangerous.

Lane support system
Lane support system is very helpful system that assists and warns the driver, when they unintentionally leave the road lane, or when the driver changes the road lane without any indication. Sometimes the driver’s attention may be away from the vehicle, which makes the vehicle move away from the correct road lane. In such situations, this system will monitor the position of the vehicle on the lane through forward looking camera, which detects the lane markings in front of the vehicle. It then applies corrective braking or additional steering force and makes a noise in the form of warning, if the vehicle is drifting outside the lane without using the turn signal.

Speed alert system
Sometimes, unintentionally the vehicle speeds up, which is a major problem and leads to road accidents on some roads. So, to get rid of those situations, a speed alert system is designed. This system will assist you to maintain the optimal speed as well as to avoid any speed associated traffic crashes. It tells you the recommended speed limits and when you can exceed those limits. Some systems will also display the current limit, so that, the driver will be aware of the maximum speed limit allowed that helps the drives to drive the vehicle in recommended limits.

Vehicle to vehicle communication
This is one of the methods that help in avoiding automobile accidents. This is a wireless technology that exchanges the data between the nearby vehicles. Through this technology, the data such as positions, speed and location of the vehicle can be exchanged, which enables the vehicle to detect the possible hazards and threats from all 360 degrees – the position of other vehicles and the threat they present. It also calculates the risks, issues the warnings to the drivers to avoid mitigate crashes.

These are some of the vehicle safety technologies that help people to reduce the chances of vehicle accidents and hazards.