Galileo 3D Imaging System For Better Diagnosis And Prognosis Of Oral Cavity

Galileo 3D X ray is an X-ray machine. It furnishes good quality image, and in clinical diagnosis. It obtains an overall image of the mouth interior in fourteen seconds and allows 200 distinct exposures. This leads to better taking care for patients’ teeth, other important factors that affect dental factors. Lowest radiation is used such that no surrounding tissues are effected. It is a very easy and short process with immediate virtual diagnosis and linear planning of treatments which can be done at a time being safer and efficient than other traditional methods.

Working of Galileo 3D imaging systems
Galileo 3D imaging scanner has been designed for dental treatments. This imaging permits to diagnose from accurate, undistorted, one to one images resulting in greater diagnostic accuracy. 3D imaging offers the ability to enhance treatment planning. Beyond the clinical aspects. For the first time patients can see their anatomy in accurate real life manner that allows them to understand their own oral health. Positioning the patient is quick and only after 14 seconds the scan will be completed. Imaging software follows up with the scanning giving the final result of imaging. Any view can be done from the same single scan. The system also includes treatment planning software, integrated implant planning. It is efficient because of the very low radiation exposure compared to other dental 3D imaging systems and up to 100 times less than traditional CT scans taken at hospitals.

Steps which follow the diagnosis and treatment

  • Diagnose the cause of the patients discomfort.
  • Planning an appropriate root canal treatment.
  • Placing the dental implants accurately, such that no surrounding tissues are exposed and invaded by the rays used.
  • Pointing out disorders of temporomandibular joints that cause headaches, teeth clenching or grinding, or other serious issues that can negatively impact your oral health.

Benefits of Galileo 3D imaging systems:

  • Best image quality is obtained at the end of the process which can be said that one Scan fits all.
  • Absolute reliability is obtained through Galileo 3D imaging system.
  • Most accurate treatment planning can be done consecutively proceeding the diagnosis.
  • Low radiation dose is used in this imaging process. .It is reliable, fast and easy
  • Through Galileo 3D imaging system it is found 25% reliable than traditional 2D.
  • It is lower in cost than medical CT scan.
  • It is easily understandable and accurate data will be obtained.