Benefits of using Ncomputing desktop virtualization

Desktop virtualization is the modern buzz word that we are coming across now-a-days in computing technology. Many small and medium businesses are already in the process of implementing this new technology to cut down their costs and resources that are normally required to maintain servers and desktops in their organizations. Ncomputing is one such integrated system platform that is mainly focused on delivering end-to-end desktop and application virtualization solution with its own system software, connectivity protocol and thin client devices. There is a misconception among people that virtualization never works well because a simple issue with the main CPU may take down all the systems that are dependent on it. However, Ncomputing has made its name in the market for its unparalleled performance and cost effective solutions. The system has a centralized design where a single management device controls various virtual components reducing the effort of maintenance which is quite normal with traditional systems.
There are many benefits of using this desktop virtualization, especially for small and medium businesses which have limited budgets allocated for technology and manpower.
Cost reduction
Ncomputing has a capability to connect up to 100 user sessions per instance, which implies it is very cost economic solution when compared to deploying and maintaining normal PCs. With one OS, multiple users can be connected, that means reduced IT cost and power consumption. It is ideal for Small and medium organizations as they have very limited budgets to spend money for IT hardware & software maintenance.
Easy maintenance
As we all know, now-a-days businesses are mostly dependent on their systems & applications and any small issue may bring huge financial losses to the organizations. Even a small loss may have big impact on small & medium organizations which ultimately makes it difficult for them to sustain in business. With Ncomputing there is no hassle of maintaining, troubleshooting and upgrading multiple CPUs as it has only one server platform to care for. Unlike other virtual desktop interfaces, Ncomputing has easy deployment and manageability.
Compatibility is another issue that organizations usually face when they try to deploy new software into their existing systems. Especially, SMBs have confined budgets allocated for new technology implementations and those with cost effective solutions will not really work well and be suitable to integrate into their current working methods. Ncomputing desktop virtualization, supports various versions of Linux & Windows and works fine with all standard office software & PC applications.
Increased productivity
Some organizations may find it unfeasible to regulate their processes through computing because it is difficult for them to afford enough PCs to balance the workload. Implementing desktop virtualization has brought down per seat cost of a computer by more than 75% which means the expenditure has reduced by three fourths of the original cost. The advantages of using Ncomputing platform is hard to overlook as it delivers high performance and improved end-user experience at lower cost. Because of its efficient solution, many SMBs are realizing immediate benefit in terms of cost and productivity.