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United States Automobile Companies’ Market Share in 2013

Market share of a car manufacturing company represents its real strength in competition. The sustainability in the market means, the company is innovative and having good customer relationship with its products and services. The competition in the Automobile industry is really fierce in America. In this article, we will discuss the market share of automobile companies in the United States.

World’s Best-Selling Cars

Competition worldwide affects purchasing power, technology, local conditions, political, nature, etc. Despite these factors, some models are top-selling throughout the world. We will discuss some of them in this article.

Best Selling Cars in 2012 and Mid 2013

The automobile market is highly competitive. Getting the best selling place is not that easy. It depends on many factors that affect customers’ interests. Now we will see the best selling cars in 2012 and mid 2013.

The Climate Controlled Seats – Heated and Cooled

This is a solid state thermoelectric device, in which air is forced with the help of thermally conditioned and heat pump that is in response from the seat occupant to electronic switch input. This conditioned air gets circulate by specially designed fans that duct in the seat back and the cushion and result the surface […]

No Electronic Defects in Toyota Vehicles Says NASA Report

An investigation was conducted regarding the issue of electronic defects in the Toyota and Lexus vehicles by the NASA with 30 full time and part time workers of the space agency, on being commissioned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in regard with the complaints made by thousands of owners because of the sudden […]

Maruti Ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction List

Global marketing information services firm J.D Power has given highest rank to Maruti Suzuki, India’s top car manufacturer, among equal companies in customer satisfaction for 11 consecutive year. Maruti Suzuki scored 849 points out of the 1000 in the customer satisfaction index, it is above 812 which are industry average points. According to the company, […]

Tata Motors Recalls Nanos to Install Fire Safety Measures

Tata Motors asked the Nano owners to bring back their cars in order to add some safety devices and measures to prevent vehicle catching fire. Company decided to add additional safety features to Nanos which were manufactured in the month of February, it will be done for free of cost. According to officials, there are […]