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Top Tips When Learning a New Language

Learning any new language is quite difficult but if one permits certain time in learning with additional effort then it becomes necessary to learn any new language. Following are few tips which can be implemented while learning any foreign or new language. Proper motivation One should get motivated before stepping up to learn a new […]

About Sports Cars

A sports car belongs to a category of cars that are low to ground, less weight, and are high-powered. Looking at the specifications, one can easily say that this category of cars belong to a distinct and elite category of cars. Owing to the high speeds of the car, the handling is also equipped with […]

Top Affordable New Cars of 2014

For most auto shoppers in a new car purchase, price remains the real driving force in their car buying decision process. If budget limitations mean looking for low cost brand new car, the following are the cheapest deals on the new wheels. Despite being bargain basement, some of these entry level vehicles or cars offer […]

Modern Technology in Today’s Vehicles

Like today’s vehicles, vehicles in the past had features that told how good the vehicle was for the user. However, they were less accurate and consumed considerable power in their operation. Today’s vehicles feature sensors and transducers. Be it the reservoir, any fluid tank, heat specifications or deflated tires, there is a sensor or transducer […]

Recent Trends in Car Technology

You may think that automatically or self-driving cars for the future. However, those are now ready to hit the market very soon. The consumer electronics show (CES) 2013 held in Las Vegas showed that many of the parts are already in place. The CES 2013 displayed many other car technologies like speech recognition, diagnostics from […]

Maintenance Tips For CNG Cars

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a substitute for gasoline (or petrol), diesel and propane (or LPG). Even if it is a fossil fuel, the emissions are less than the gasoline and petrol. Thus, it is more environmentally friendly. CNG cars have the capability to run on CNG and another fuel such as gasoline alternatively. While using CNG cars, you need to take care of maintenance personally. Those are as follows:

Types of Cars Based on Special Classification

Cars classification is based on different purposes and requirements. The classification differs form organization to organization. Governments classification is for the tax, insurance companies classification is to cover risk and manufacturers classification is for the consumer. This article is about the types of cars based on special classification.