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Maintenance Tips For CNG Cars

October 30, 2013 Scott Brown 0

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a substitute for gasoline (or petrol), diesel and propane (or LPG). Even if it is a fossil fuel, the emissions are less than the gasoline and petrol. Thus, it is more environmentally friendly. CNG cars have the capability to run on CNG and another fuel such as gasoline alternatively. While using CNG cars, you need to take care of maintenance personally. Those are as follows:

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Types of Cars Based on Special Classification

October 11, 2013 Randolph O'Brian 0

Cars classification is based on different purposes and requirements. The classification differs form organization to organization. Governments classification is for the tax, insurance companies classification is to cover risk and manufacturers classification is for the consumer. This article is about the types of cars based on special classification.