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Alcohol Abuse-Major Problem in US Army

The US army is said to have been struggling with the alcohol abusers. An army official recently said that there is a need to double its staff of substance-abuse counselors to handle the soaring numbers of soldiers taking alcohol abuse treatments. It is said that nearly 300 more counselors are needed by the US army […]

Drug Testing Made Simpler By Drug Testing Kits

Drug testing has become common these days to check the increase of drug abuse and drug addiction. A drug testing kit is usually used for conducting drug testing at homes, offices or games. Using a drug testing is very easy and this makes people to be encouraged to use these drug testing kits. Drug testing […]

Can Increasing Prices Discourage Britain From Alcoholism

The major place where alcohol abuse is greater than normal is UK. People here are very much addicted to alcohol (statistics say), especially Wine. The Chief Medical Officer of Britain has recently warned over increased binge drinking in people. This could affect the health of Britain citizens as well as the violence rate in Britain. […]