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Common Technologies Involved in Factory Automation

The factory automation based on the applications of system involves various technologies. New technologies involve robotic system, machine vision system, programmable logic control system, manufacturing executive system etc. Now factory automation involved with the robotic system is playing main role in the manufacturing and it controls the human interference. Automation integrates logic, power, information technology […]

L-Tron’s New Blog Enables Clients to Stay Abreast of Emerging Technology Trends

Victor, New York – L-Tron Corporation announces the recent launch of a new weblog on its corporate website, with the main goal of sharing the company’s collective expertise and extensive knowledge with both clients and potential clients. The blog, which is updated several times a week, helps readers understand the direction of technology in the […]

Listing the Advantages of 3D Barcode Technology

Barcode system is being used in a wide range of industries. There has been an advance in the use of barcode technology. Earlier only linear barcodes were used. Gradually there has been rise of 2D barcode technology. Symbol scanners, HP scanners and many other models are available that can read linear and 2D barcodes. Recent […]

How to pickout a Barcode printer for Industrial purposes

Barcode printers now-a-days, exist in all types of shapes and sizes with a good reasonable price based on their features, because barcode printing technology has rapidly changed over the last few years. So, a person interested to purchase a barcode printer, may face some difficulty in choosing right printer. There are more specialized printers for […]

Features to Consider in a Laser Barcode Scanners

The importance of barcode technology is increasing day by day. If any one wants to use the barcode technology, they should know about the barcode scanners and barcode printers. Barcode printers are printers which are used to print the barcodes on tags. Barcode scanners are used to scan these printed barcodes. These scanners are designed […]

Know How the Barcode Scanners Work

There is a drastic change in inventory management, which was brought by the introduction of the barcode scanners. Barcodes are used by both small and large organizations and small stores to record items and facts which are necessary to maintain the stocks in business. Barcode has the information about the product or item. That information […]

Things to Consider While Designing and Printing Your Own Barcodes

Barcodes became essential part of businesses and organizations almost everywhere. There are number of benefits of barcode technology. A large number of company requirements from the tracking and identification of your goods to pricing and theft prevention can be provided by the barcode system. There are many benefits of using barcodes such as tracking the […]