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Technologies for Seniors’ Safety and Mobility in Cars

Seniors’ safety and mobility is an important factor while they are in driving. There are technologies developed especially for senior citizens’ safety and mobility. Some of them are given under to have safe driving for seniors. Enhanced night vision This System helps elderly drivers who can’t really visualize things beyond a fixed distance. This system […]

2014 Audi Q5 Best Luxury Compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV’s) 2014 for Family U.S. News Auto Ranking

You may like to purchase a car that give your family comfort and could protect your family from the impact of collision. We mention some options here. In this article, we’ll discuss about the 2014 Best Luxury Compact Sport Utility Vehicle 2014 For Family ranked by U.S. News Auto Ranking. The best Sports Cars 2014 […]

Headlights- An Important Part of Your Car Safety Features

The headlights are one of the most important parts and safety features of a car. Turn on the headlights while you travel at night. They help you see clearly objects on the road while you are traveling especially at night. Many people ignore to take care of headlights. But people, who know the importance of […]

How Black-Box Technology in Automobiles Assists Drivers

Black Box technology in automobiles helps to record data related to accidents. Such data not only helps to determine the cause of the accidents in individual cases, but also may help in improving overall traffic safety, when aggregated. Today this technology is available in some of the cars including BMW, Benz, Audi, Volvo, Toyota and […]

Hyundai Plans to Launch Hyundai Santa Fe in India

Luxury SUV Santa Fe model car has been introduced by Hyundai Motor, the second largest car manufacturer in India. This car is priced between Rs. 20.95 lakh to Rs. 22.95 lakh. Hyundai aims to sell the units 600 to 800 in a year and 100 to 150 units in 2010. The booking for this vehicle […]

Rinspeed UC An Electric City Car

Rinspeed UC is a new two-seater electric-drive green machine. This new smart car is set to launch in coming 2010 Geneva car show. This car is equipped with array of various technical highlights. With these technical features it provides a comfortable steering wheel and forced-feed back joystick. Rinspeed UC is 2.60 meter long and primarily […]

Buying Tips For Best Super-Performance Car

To buy a best and super-performing car, various tips were introduced in the year 2005. In this year, the best resource to find the great performance car was the consumer reports. Consumer reports clearly visualize customer about what types of car it is and for whom it is for, how reliable it has been and […]