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The Difference between an Ailment and a Disease

Ailments and diseases both causes impairment to the body. They disturb the normal functioning of the body. But, unlike diseases the ailments are not serious. Some of the ailments will persist for a long time and they finally result in diseases. One should consult a doctor, if the ailment is not cured by medications, so […]

Sinusitis Has Serious Impact On Life

Sinusitis is the sinus infection caused due to swelling of inner lining of sinuses. The sinuses are the spaces or areas between the bones in the face where air passes and where a fluid called mucus percolates into the nose. Sometimes, if the body has difficulty in defending from the bacteria or virus that caused […]

How to Drink More Water

Water is natural gift given by god and we get the water in Mother Nature. So many reasons to drink plenty of water each day. Water prevents dehydration, cleans out the body, and promotes healing processes. And it van also help control weight. These are some tips to drink more water daily in our life. […]

Avoid Chronic Sinus Problems

Para nasal sinuses inflammation causes some infection or allergy, is known as sinusitis. If you are facing same problem more than four months or more then it is called as chronic sinus. Generally it can be viral, bacterial, fungal or autoimmune in nature and it is results a complicated spectrum of various diseases. It may […]