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Understanding the Importance of Hiring and Retaining Good Employees

Employees are the backbones of an organization. They are the chief sources which will run the business. Bad employees have an effect on driving down sales, costing the company unwanted expenses, demotivating other employees and they also affect the customers as well. Getting the right people into the company, gets things moving in the right […]

Employee Background and Security Checks on the Rise

Demand and need for employee background checks and security checks are now increasing and the companies are contacting investigative companies in great numbers to run employee background checks on new job applicants and existing employees. Employee background checks are needed in USA for certain occupations such as jobs associated with children, law enforcement, defense contractors, […]

Decrease in Unemployment Rate as Small Business Hiring Goes Up: Survey Reports

According to a survey conducted by the Payroll firm, SurePayroll’s monthly Business Scorecard, small businesses showed moderate hiring gains, but with pay little changed. These findings were based on payroll data collected from same companies all across the country. Continuing the same pace, July too showed the same 0.2% hiring growth in U.S small business. […]

Employee Retention Techniques

Employees are a valuable asset to any organization. It is essential to protect this vital resource as talented and motivated employees play a crucial role in overall growth and success of the organization. Focusing on employee retention techniques can positively impact the organization as it increases employee productivity, performance, quality of work, profits, and reduces […]

Small Businesses Prefer Online Hiring

Online talent marketplace released a new survey results on small business hiring practices. The survey included 500 participant customers across U.S. and included Elance’s small to medium-sized business customers. The survey’s key results 64% people prefer online hiring 87% people expressed opinion it to be profitable and competitive Survey findings: Online hiring to outdo offline […]

Impact of Administration’s Policies on Job Creation: Lombardo Consulting Group

Around 8 out of 10 small business owners which constitutes 45 percent of them expressed that they are very concerned about the increase in the size and power of the US federal government over the past few years, according to an independent poll conducted by Lombardo Consulting Group which was commissioned by the US Chamber. […]

32 percent US small Business have plans to Hire in H2 2010

As per the Career Builder’s latest nationwide survey, small businesses will be hiring in the second half of 2010. 32% of companies less than 500 or 500 employees are planning to add new employees during July to December. The companies with less than 50 employees are planning to hire in the second half of 2010. […]