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How Sponsors Help Business Promotion? And Advantages of Sponsorships

Sponsors help in promoting your business. During their action, the sponsors also become part of those who are being promoted. If yours is a company that provides good quality products /services, the sponsors will help promote it in different ways even if it is small and growing. Through sponsorships, your company will get free promotion […]

Different Types of Servers that Small Businesses should Know

A server, as the name implies, is a computer device that serves other computers connected to it in a network. A server can also be defined as a computer device in which the server software or server program is running in.

EU Small and Medium Size Enterprises – Fact Sheet

In the non-financial business economy in 2006, of all EU-27 enterprises, 99.8% was represented by SMEs, employing two thirds of the workforce (67.4 %) and generating 57.7% of total value added. Of all the total sectoral value added in the EU-27’s real estate, recycling and construction activities, SMEs generated 80%, while large enterprises accounted for […]

The Impact of International Competition On Small Businesses: SBA

A study was conducted by Impact of International Competition on Small-Firm Exit in U.S. Manufacturing in American University for SBA. The econometric study used the Statistics of US Businesses (SUSB) data to know the impact of the trade on small manufacturers. There will be an increase over the concern of impact on small US manufacturers […]

International Comparison of Small Business Employment: CEPR

A recent report was released by the Center for Economic and Policy Research “An International Comparison of Small Business Employment” in 2009 -08. Key Findings When compared with United States, Luxembourg has a lower share of 6.1 percent whereas US has 7.2 percent. Other than mentioned below, 14 other rich countries are having higher proportions […]

eWin Marketing Successfully Adds New Clients Across 6 Countries

Released by: eWin Marketing eWin Marketing successfully added new clients across 6 different countries by providing professional, result-oriented, and value based services. The affordable and timely solutions provided by eWin have been instrumental in expanding its client base across US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Indonesia and Barbados. eWin Marketing is a specialist SEO (Search Engine Optimization) […]

The FSB-ICM :‘Voice of Small Business’ Annual Survey

As per the FSB-ICM ‘Voice of Small Business’ Annual Survey which is the most extensive research of the small business sector during recession: About 48 percent of businesses are expecting to expand their client base in the up coming year. About 53 percent of small business firms have introduced new or improved products and services […]