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Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software development life cycle (SDLC) is one of the basic concepts used in IT industry to develop a software product. However, with the usage of computers, it is important that everyone, no matter whether it is a technical or a non-technical person should be aware of simple and interesting pattern of developing a software.

Different Types of Servers that Small Businesses should Know

A server, as the name implies, is a computer device that serves other computers connected to it in a network. A server can also be defined as a computer device in which the server software or server program is running in.

Plan to Protect Enterprise Computing During Disaster

Is your business suffering from evil effect of a disaster? Did you have a plan to face the disaster? If no, then it is time to prepare a plan to face disaster of enterprise computing.

Present Market for Enterprise Software (ES)

During the early 2000s, when enterprise software was new to the market, many organizations deployed Enterprise resource planning (ERP-II). Small and medium scale businesses felt that Enterprise software (ES) was expensive and not affordable. Hence, only public sectors and most of the large organizations adopted ES. Let us see the present market of the Enterprise […]

How Does a Web-Server Work?

Different servers provide different types of services. Several types of applications like file transfer, e-mail, printing and communications etc. can be done by using the servers. Servers may vary depending on the factors like configuration and the software used. Modern servers are architecture with higher bandwidth rates as a result of it, more number of […]

Top Rated Software’s For 2010

Software is a portal of computer programs, procedures and documentation which performs different jobs in a computer system. In other words it is a communication medium for user and computer hardware. This may also be referred as a heart of computer system. Year by year much new software are being developed but only some are […]

All about a Digital Synthesizer

A synthesizer is an electronic instrument, capable of producing a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies. A keyboard typically operates it. There are three main types of synthesizers that differ in operation; these include analog, digital and computer software-based. Synthesizers create electrical signals, rather than direct sounds, which are […]