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Few Ways for Website Maintenance

Most of the web site owners fails to pay attention to their sites once they running actively. A web site is usually a work in progress where potential customers visit often before buying any product from you and also existing customers visits the web site to stay updated with the products from time to time. […]

Functions and Working of Ad Servers

Ad server is a useful software widely used in digital ads. These ads involve publishers, advertisers and marketers. They perform monitoring on aspects like the number of clicks, and verify results of the businesses. It is worthwhile to know how these ad servers work. An ad server serves the purpose of publishing ads in targeted […]

Different Types of Servers that Small Businesses should Know

A server, as the name implies, is a computer device that serves other computers connected to it in a network. A server can also be defined as a computer device in which the server software or server program is running in.

How Does a Web-Server Work?

Different servers provide different types of services. Several types of applications like file transfer, e-mail, printing and communications etc. can be done by using the servers. Servers may vary depending on the factors like configuration and the software used. Modern servers are architecture with higher bandwidth rates as a result of it, more number of […]