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Importance of Preparing for Website Outages and Downtime

Though website outages are common, many website owners do not bother to prepare for them. They tend to depend on their hosting company for the up-time. As the downtime keeps increasing, the believability of the site as well as the business keeps decreasing. While these outages cannot be stopped from occurring, their impact can be […]

Know About the Basic Functions of Website Monitoring

Performance of the website is important, for any online business. Active websites get more web traffic with increasing customer satisfaction. When website performance is inconsistent and inappropriate, these factors greatly impact web traffic and reduce the website performance. Website monitoring facilities are important for active websites; these are monitoring all web applications to provides live […]

How Does Website Monitoring Software Works?

Website monitoring refers to monitoring of sites which use HTTP or Https. For monitoring the performance of other server services like FTP, we have server monitors. Now let us discuss how monitoring works. Through internet Monitoring firms do connect to the required websites at regular intervals and enables the server service via the internet. By […]

What is Website Monitoring? How Does it Work?

Website Monitoring is a process of monitoring the performance of the one or more websites and verifying that the end users can interact with a website or application. This kind of monitoring is used by the business who sell their business online to ensure that the customers are able to access their websites and perform […]