Lehman’s Head had $300m

Remember Lehman Bros which went bankrupt few days ago? It had many people and many firms lose in terms of money and jobs. And see what it is paying to its head…a pretty big amount of $300 million. This pay includes all the bonuses and salaries since 8 years. This gentleman named Richard Fuld is the head of one of the biggest financial firms which went down few days back. The impact of this failure is still haunting the US market and also the global market. Here the question arises, what Mr.Fuld was doing after all, allowing the firm to get destroyed. Now you see, it is not a big loss to him and even to those major players of the company, who had enough of money. They had abundant money in their bank accounts to serve them for rest of their life. The major losers in this play are owners of those companies who couldn’t get their bills paid from bankrupted firm, and those poor small employees o the companies who are now jobless and most of all, those people who lost their fortune in failed stock markets.