Avoid Chronic Sinus Problems

Para nasal sinuses inflammation causes some infection or allergy, is known as sinusitis. If you are facing same problem more than four months or more then it is called as chronic sinus. Generally it can be viral, bacterial, fungal or autoimmune in nature and it is results a complicated spectrum of various diseases. It may happen because of some environmental factors such as pollution or dust. Some of the symptoms of are nasal congestion, fever, facial pain, general malaise and discharge of yellow or green mucus. If chronic sinus problems can lead one to lose the ability to smell, which is known as Anosmia? Usually Chronic sinusitis was divided into two main types: one with polyps and the other one without polyps. The former is also referred to as Chronic Hyperplastic Sinusitis. These two types are further divided into various sub types. This is done on the basis of pathological origins of the disease.

Presence of fungus has been found in the sinuses and the nasal cavities as well of the patient suffering with chronic sinusitis. However it is true about some healthy people as well. So it cannot be said with assurance if fungal development is a definite factor leading to chronic sinusitis. In chronic sinus problems, redden and nasal irrigation are needed to give relief and to promote the health of sinus cavity. These two also reduces considerably the use of medicine. Still, analgesic medicines like Aspirin and Paracetamol are prescribed by the doctors occasionally but with caution. Antibiotics like Amoxicillin are also used if the situation does not improve. Still the doctors do not prefer surgical approach in dealing with chronic sinus problems, yet in some cases it cannot be avoided. Even though But this is done only after the option of treatment through medicines has been worn out. Recently surgeries has been developed which is called as functional endoscopic and balloon sinuplasty. This involves removing pathological and anatomical obstructions in the sinus cavity.