Slower But Steady Growth In US E-Commerce

US have largest market of e-commerce and most of people like to buy online only. For them it is more convenient than traditional shopping style. But recession attack changed the whole scenario. With this impact very few people started to buy product from online shopping.

However, present e-commerce or Internet business seems to come on track in slow but steady process. According to the reports, online retailer showed the growth in online shopping activity. According to the research report of 2009, US e-commerce volume sales increased by 11% and reached to the 155.2 billion US dollars. This growth succeeded to oppose the impact of economic recession. Reports also predicted that American e-commerce volume sales of this year would grow up to 11%.

Few years ago yearly growth rate for online shopping was around to 20%. But now, this growth is steady and slow. It is all because people’s shopping habits have changed.

E-commerce of 2010 accounts 7% growth in all shopping volume of US except automobile, travel and prescription medicine. The U.S. economy made a 2.8 percent growth in the third quarter, and Capital Economics expects that it will grow with stronger pace in the current quarter and next year.