Top Rated Software’s For 2010

Software is a portal of computer programs, procedures and documentation which performs different jobs in a computer system. In other words it is a communication medium for user and computer hardware. This may also be referred as a heart of computer system.

Year by year much new software are being developed but only some are useful and effective for most computer users. Following are same top rated software for 2010:

  • Chromium OS: This is an easier operating system because Goggle has already release its source code. This is a perfect solution for notebooks because it is entirely based around the web and it doesn’t require big hard disk space. This software started the new era in browser-based computing.
  • Internet Explorer 9: This is a new version of internet explorer and it is widely enhanced and effective browser of Microsoft. This new software is equipped with new hardware-accelerated text and graphics to make web sites look better. A new version’s Direct2D browsing technology is designed inside this explorer which significantly speed up web applications.
  • Firefox 4: This new interface is launched by Mozilla to bring some competition to its rival’s browser like Chrome and Safari. This year Firefox 4 interface will also be available in mobile. At present it is available for the Nokia N900 but soon it will be available for Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobiles too.
  • Google Goggles: From this year Google is introducing itself to mobile software field. Google Goggle is one of the products of under development. This new software is a highly effective Voice Search tool and this feature will allow individuals to point phone at something and Google will tell what it is, which is pretty cool. This Goggle will avoid face searching because it will affect ones privacy.