Growth of Mobile Internet Usage : ComScore

AdserverWhen compared with the previous quarters, the use of smart phones has increased to 25% among the US mobile phone audience in Q2, 2010 according to the survey done by the nielsen. During the previous quarter the usage was 23%. With the increase in the usage of smartphones, mobile internet usage has increased. 85.5 million mobile users access the web from the mobile, according to the projections done by eMarketer for the year 2010.

According to the eMarketer forecast for the year 2014, 53.9 % of the US mobile user population access the internet using mobile browsers.

When compared with the previous years, the mobile usage has increased a lot and it is ranging from 50.9millions in the year 2008 to the 142.1 millions according to forecast of the year 2014.

When compared to the CAGR of mobile subscribers over the same period, the mobile internet usage CAGR is more. According to comScore, 72.8 million people are using internet on mobiles as on April, 2010.

According to the press release of comScore, the smartphone users who are using the internet are 37,577 thousands till April 2010 and feature phone users who are using the internet are around 35, 295 thousands. But compared to the smartphone mobile internet users, the feature phone mobile internet usage are less. Thus, this indicates increase of smartphone mobile internet users. The growth of the smartphone mobile internet users from April 2009 to 2010 is around 111% which is much more when compared to the growth of feature phones mobile internet users i.e., -6% according to the survey of comScore.