Internet, Most Popular Media in 2009 : Yankee Group report

adserverAs per the new Yankee Group report, advertising was more on internet than TV in 2009 as the Americans spend more time on Internet on comparison with other media categories like mobile, TV and others. The report also showed that the lion’s share of decline was because of TV advertising which dropped from $52 billion in 2008 to the least $41 billion in 2009.

As a result of economic crisis, there was a drop of 10 billion in 2009 i.e., $77 billion in 2008 to $67 billion in 2009.

Overview of media advertising

  • There was gain in internet advertising as there was a loss in TV advertising. Consumers spend most of the time online which is around 4 hours and 13 minutes every day. It is very high when compared to any other medium. Internet advertising revenue was $24 billion in 2008. There was a 2 billion hike in 2009 which was $26 billion
  • There was a 60 minutes decrease in watching TV and video each day. 3 hours and 17 minutes was spent on watching TV, DVDs, videos and other pre-recorded programs by consumers.
  • There was an increase in mobile internet use. There was an increase of 36 percent which is 11 minutes per day. The increase of texting was 55 percent which is 27 minutes a day.