Know About Barrel Pumps

Barrels have been used for storage and easy transportation from several years. They are used for storing different things. Even in olden days goods starting from nails, food items, gunpowder to precious metals and stones had been shipped using these barrels. There are different types of barrels among which most of them are used for maturing beverages, storing liquids like water and oil etc. so, in case of liquids these barrels needs spigots and barrel pumps to drain out the liquid in them. Following are few varieties of barrel pumps which are commonly in use.

Drum pumps: These kind of pumps are suitable for drums carrying aggressive chemicals, solvents and acids. They are made up of Teflon and stainless steel. They are hand operated and built with flame proofing.

Piston type barrel pumps: These pumps are also made up of stainless steel and flame proof hand operated pumps. These pumps are suitable for higher capacity drums which carry liquids like acids and solvents. These pumps dispense the liquids out by down stroke.

Electric drum pump: These kind of barrel pumps are operated with the help of electricity. A single phased electric motor in attached to the pump with an on and off switch. Just by flipping the switch it starts pumping out the liquid in it. It can pump up to 70 liters per minute.

Hand flow regulator: Hand flow regulator is specially designed for regulating the flow of the liquid coming out of the barrel. Especially designed for flavoring and perfume industries. It is a small light weight device to pack small containers from large containers.

These are some of the barrel pumps uses to drain the liquids from barrels. These are generally used for taking out oils and chemical substances from the barrels.