Future Laptops to Come with Low-Voltage Chips

The innovation of laptops has been collapsing the usage of desktops. But laptops are also facing the competition from iPads and other light weight gadgets. These iPads and other gadgets are entering into the market with innovative techniques like lighter weight, stylish features and faster technology.

Up coming laptops are equipped with new styles, light weight and thinner body. The vendors are also replacing their older laptops with these stylish thinner laptops. The laptop users mainly expect standard battery life. By 2013, laptops will come with 12 to 24 hours battery backup.

New laptops are greatly influenced by the lower-voltage chip and high speed processors with high efficient chip. The manufacturing processes are being designed taking in to consideration these important points. The points are mainly responsible for more thinner and stylish laptops. Therefore, future laptops are expected to come with ow-voltage chips and high efficiency memory.

One important change that is required in laptops is operating system. Most of the experts feel that one operating system is enough for running all the systems. But with the advent of new technology, double OS-systems are created, one for the PC windows and another one for mobile or other gadgets.