Different Kinds of Furs Used for Clothing

Since many years fur is serving as a source of clothing in order to protect the humans from cold and always stood as a fashion icon. It is made from animal sources and is a unique form of fabric which is unparallel to any other textile. Apart from the protection it is offering, the apparels made from fur can be worn with any thing and hence it is offering a kind of flexibility to wear. With proper care and attention made to its maintenance it can be highly durable. Even though all the fur apparels look alike there are different kinds of furs which are available. Lets have a look on them.

  • Coyote fur is usually used for jackets and the color of the fur is either tan or gray. The fur itself is very dense and creamy.
  • Chinchilla is another type of the fur which is used to make different apparels. It is soft and has a gray to slate blue color.
  • Fisher fur is one of the unique types and it is long, dark and shiny.
  • In general the furs made from the lambs are light in weight and are shiny. The fur is long and curly and have a wave pattern. It is available in different colors like the white, gray, black and brown.
  • The fur which is white and have black tips is often called as an Ermine fur and it is extremely silky.
  • Lynx fur is usually white and more dense.
  • Marten fur is long and silky and it ranges from gold to dark brown.
  • The fur from the rabbit is grooved and the length of the hair is medium.
  • Raccoon is another type of fur and it is usually gray or black in color with silver tips. This kind of fur is very dense and durable.

It is interesting to know about the kind of fur apparels we are using. Use this information to find out which kind of fur you are having.