What is Website Monitoring? How Does it Work?

website monitoring priceWebsite Monitoring is a process of monitoring the performance of the one or more websites and verifying that the end users can interact with a website or application. This kind of monitoring is used by the business who sell their business online to ensure that the customers are able to access their websites and perform necessary actions like searching, online shopping, or simple researching. With the help of website monitoring, businesses can make sure that their sites are live and responding.

How does monitoring work?

Website monitoring can be done from both inside and outside the firm. However, most of the companies give these responsibilities to the firms which are specialized in monitoring services. These companies at first try to attempt to connect to the site or server of the company at regular intervals via the internet. If their attempt fails, that is when they are unable to connect to the client server, they will retry and verify for the correct operational status. If they are not confirmed then they will notify it to the customer. Once they get connected they keep on monitoring the performance of the websites.

site monitoringWeb monitoring companies send out information for the client on the current status of their website, any malfunctions, if the domain is responding properly, whether it is hacked, black listed or hijacked.

The same report will be sent to the respective client so that they can make necessary modifications to progress the malfunction and hence help them to increase the traffic to their website.

Website monitoring services usually have servers around the globe at different locations. This enables the client to check the availability of the website in different areas across the globe.