Toyota Coming Back with Effective Strategies: US

Toyota motors is back for their top position in auto industry, GM surpassed Volkswagen and Toyota to take the No. 1 position for 2011 in US, where Toyota placed with third. Toyota faced many challenges due to unexpected earth quack and tsunami in Japan.

Toyota trying to recall their market demand in US, Mr. Yoshimi Inaba, president of North America Toyota motors said, this is the right time to auto businesses. Mr. Inaba, who earned his MBA at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business said, consumers are embraced to the Japanese ethic hard work from a long time.

Inaba said, Toyota motors did not lay off a single worker despite for last year tsunami, its affected the production in Japan and US. Flooding that disrupted the flow of electronic parts from Thailand. These troubles hurt their loyal customers more.

Toyota is coming up with effective strategies for capturing their top position in the US. Toyota motors had 1,200 dealer network 10 years back when they sold 1million units and they doubled their sales with the same number of dealers. They are upgrading the existing dealers to introduce 19 new model Toyota Lexus and Scion model cars in the market. They are introducing these models with fuel efficient facilities.